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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

i stumbled across it on the internet a couple of years ago- a blog by a fellow canadian woman, a mother and wife and farmer (!)...and my life was changed.

ann voskamp opened up her heart and told her story, and the world was impacted.

she told of pain transformed into purpose.

of anguish changing into joy.

of depression and phobias being enemies that she slays daily.

her book is a best-seller, but ann remains a humble, sweet, surprised lady who just speaks her heart pretty much every day on the interwebs. she shares that she doesn't have it all together. she's broken, but she's grateful.

i've learned much from her, most of it reinforcing what i already knew and had sort of forgotten.

be thankful.

be grateful.

we used to sing an old hymn, back in the day..."count your many blessings, see what God has done..."

so i count them, along with ann.

each day there is something i've overlooked, something i've forgotten to be grateful for. my gratitude journal fills up as i write them down, just a few each day. there are so many.

i complain much less now.

i see things differently.

when you say "thank you" to God 1,000 times, things change.