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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


my little girl is brown.

from the day she was born, we have told her how beautiful she is.

how lovely her warm  caramel-colored skin is, how adorable her almond-shaped black eyes are, how gorgeous her long wavy black hair is.

she has absorbed repeatedly just how delightful she is to us, and how we as white/pink-skinned parents appreciate and treasure the colors of her.

so the other day, it drove like a knife... an aching pain in my heart...when i overheard my little asian princess say to her "pink" best friend...

"we can still be best friends, even if i'm brown, right?"

oh baby girl.

where did you ever learn to doubt that?

in a school and church that are mostly brown-skinned people, your parents are the minority. most of your classmates are brown. we live in a brown country.

where, oh where, did you ever learn to think that skin color, especially yours, might mean you couldn't be best friends with someone?

i have no answers.

it's an ongoing, probably forever issue in our family.

she is brown, and we are "white/pink".

we are family.

but still, in her little heart, there are questions.

and i -oh, if only-


have no answers.