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Friday, May 10, 2013

Step Outside

"God took him outside..."

Abram. God's friend.

he had been given a promise, but as the years dragged on, his faith wavered...

so God took him outside to look up at the stars in the night sky.

i see it in my imagination- the aging man with wrinkled face, and his best friend- YAHWEH-  clothed in ...what? what did God wear when he visited his best friend? there my imagination won't go.

nevertheless, there they were, the two of them, looking at the stars. (Genesis 15:5)

God had to enlarge Abram's vision.

He had to get him out of the hustle and bustle of the multitude of responsibilities he had...out of the tent, away from Sarai, away from the earthly things that had encompassed his eyes.

God had to teach him to look up.

Abram had forgotten the stars.

From that night on, Abram never doubted again that he would have children "as many as the stars in the sky." the old king james translation says it best..."he staggered not".

oh, to stagger not...

His best friend stood beside him there on the edges of his doubting fragile world, and spoke into being the truth- that Abram would be ABRA-HAM...a father.

the star maker became the star show-er. and a man believed.

and so it happened.

i too, need to follow God, because he calls me...outside the walls of my own little world- to see the potential and possibilities he has for me.

the fragile and incongruent conflict of the tent i live in has trapped me. i've forgotten the stars, i've forgotten to look up.

Lord, take me 'outside'. help me to look up at the stars in your beautiful sky-

and remember the infinite possibilities that are mine because of who you are.

the star maker.