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Sunday, July 28, 2013


i went with the flow, and came up with a 'word' for this year. it was REST.

i chuckled to myself when it popped into my mind- my life has been so unrestful for so many decades that i'm a stranger to inactivity of body and mind. i have a very hard time doing nothing. often i've done 3 things at the same time...although that ability is slowly lessening with age, and that's probably a good thing. multitasking is highly overrated.

so, to review.


surprisingly, so far this year has had a lot of pockets of rest in it. some months were hard with lots of driving, working, gardening (i'm making soil, you know!) and so on.

but there have been spaces in between, where i've sat down and looked around and actually not done anything, not moved, just sat and listened to the quiet.

and enjoyed it!

and today, halfway through the year, i came across this in my devotions...

"Where the soul lives, lives God; His day, His world,
No phantom mists need mar;
His starry nights are tents of peace unfurled:
Rest where you are."

"Rest is not a sedative for the sick, but a tonic for the strong. it spells emancipation, illumination, transformation. it saves us from becoming slaves even of good works."

i am learning to be emancipated- from the endless sweeping tide of crises and emergencies and things that must be done. (must they?)

thank you, lord, for rest.