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Saturday, October 12, 2013

lessons from the garden/jungle

this is me.

i'm sawing away with my new sharktooth saw...

on bamboo shoots that are 


i love gardening.

love love love it.

and i've planted a jungle, over the past two and a half years,

that has finally got the better of me.

now it's a case of no more planting.


walking around thoughtfully

with sharp little saw in hand-

wondering what gets chopped today!


makes me think of yet another

"lesson from the garden".

in the fertile soil of my yard, 

stuff grows.

in the fertile soil of my mind,

stuff grows.

sometimes too much stuff.

and i look at the wild jungle inside my head

and decide

that something has got to go.

sin is like that too...

it grows crazy wild in our hearts.

"sow a seed, reap a harvest."

and not only that...

 seeds sometimes just fall accidentally off the flowers

of innocent-looking plants-

(oh yes, how sweet they are! 

how pink! how yellow!

how delightfully, fragrantly green and abundant!)

and root themselves...

and before you know it, a harvest

of things you don't want or need!!

not to mention the enthusiastic tubers

of things like banana trees

and chinese ginger

and even- gasp-

the mulberry shoots- 

that burst through the soil in random places

and simply cannot be eradicated

unless one has, perhaps, 



time to break out the new japanese sharktooth saw...

or in the case of my heart,

a few chapters of Proverbs.