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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

sometimes there are no words to explain...

in the wake of the devastation caused by typhoon haiyan, i'm low.

my heart is overwhelmed.

i can't explain the physical sickness i feel from my heart all over my body. the way grief for my beloved adopted homeland makes me dizzy, breathless, awash in tears and anger.

i pray. i weep. i act. i work, hard- at coordinating in my own small way a bit of a relief effort for children who've lost everything.

i Facebook. i email. i tweet.

but at the bottom of it, the sense of hopelessness weighs me down. this is just so big.

winds of more than 200 km per hour?

a wave 5 meters high?

how is a human being equipped to stand up against the wrath of nature?

we are so little.

so very very small.

only the spark of human spirit is left, and i think it will be awhile before we bounce back from this one.

only prayer is left. to lay silent and weeping before SOMEONE who is bigger than nature.

and trust that HE knows, hears, understands, and weeps too.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

an everywhere of emma

this is the child of a thousand smiles

and dancing feet

rhythm in her bones

doesn't walk- she glides, she skips, she prances-

knowing in the heart of her

that she is lovely


and precious

a unique little person

growing and changing before our eyes

getting strong-minded at times

but always

like her name


straight from the hands of God she came

to ours

and we hold her

gently, tenderly, taking nothing for granted

because everywhere