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Saturday, April 5, 2014


they were young, once...a tall broad-shouldered boy with piercing blue eyes, and a dark-haired girl with a face that radiated peace.

they were so beautiful. picture-perfect.

married in a season of bliss and joy and glory, they made promises to each other that summer day in 1948
- promises that they did their best to keep.

their first-born and i were birthed within hours of each father and his dark-haired sister had little girls who were almost-twins. we grew up close. as the years passed, we drifted apart- but that childhood connection is still there.

today, just hours ago, that boy with piercing eyes stepped over the line that divided this life from eternity. his beautiful bride was waiting for him there- he called her name as he slipped into a coma. she's been gone for many years, but i have no doubt she was waiting for him, her face shining, his name ("oh Ed! it's you!") on her lips...there beside the eastern gate. they had promised each other that.

time wears us down. the years break us and tear us apart sometimes.

but i remember....i remember the two of them, children all around, their home a place of quietness and beauty. i remember the music, the laughter, the way my uncle's strong hands held the Bible that he treasured. his deep voice echoes in my mind with memories of all the sermons i heard him preach. he was always my favourite preacher.

he's there now, with the Lord he served and loved and spoke of with passion and clarity.

when his sweet wife (she was my "auntie Jean")  died, i am sure goodbye was not what they said. i am sure they whispered,  "i'll see you in the morning, darling..."

and now, they've reunited, hands outstretched, joy-filled hearts to never be parted again. and it happened just beside the eastern gate, "over there".

just as they promised.

eternity is theirs now, together.