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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

on character

when i was young, my mother told me that God watched over me. She assured me that He saw everything I did, heard each word i said, and knew each thought  that was in my mind.

it's true, of course.

He does.

He did then, and He does now.

my mother instilled in me the reality that my life is an open book before the Holy One who created me, and i believe it to be so.

hence, i learned that even when i was alone, He was there. (Psalm 139:3)

now, when you're a kid, this is both good and bad. i didn't want to be alone, but sometimes i wanted to be alone.

you know?

but her teachings held.

and i passed them on to my children.

there is no night with God. He can see in the dark. (Psalm 139:12) nothing can hide us from His love, from His watching.

and i realize now that my character developed because of that teaching.

character is the way you act when no one is there- when no one is watching you.

an activated conscience is not guilt- it's awareness.

it's understanding that even in the darkest, alonest, wickedest of times, He's there.

and it's knowing that when we close the doors of our rooms or our hearts and try to pretend no one sees and no one hears, He's still there.



praying over us that His character will be formed in us, that we will become like Him.

"God is watching."

that's what mama said.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

hemmed in...

the devil may wall you 'round
but he cannot roof you in;
he may fetter your feet and tie your hands
and strive to hamper your soul with bands
as his way has ever been;
but he cannot hide the face of God
and the Lord shall be your light,
and your eyes and your thoughts can rise to the sky,
where His clouds and His winds and His birds go by,
and His stars shine shine out at night.

the devil may wall you 'round;
he may rob you of all things dear,
he may bring his hardest and roughest stone
and thinks to cage you and keep you alone,
but he may not press too near;
for the Lord has planted a hedge inside,
and has made it strong and tall,
a hedge of living and growing green;
and ever it mounts and keeps between
the trusting soul and the devil's wall.

the devil may wall you 'round,
but the Lord's hand covers you,
and His hedge is a thick and thorny hedge,
and the devil can find no entering wedge
nor get his finger through;
he may circle about you all day long,
but he cannot work as he would,
for the will of the Lord restrains his hand,
and he cannot pass the Lord's command
and his evil turns to good.

the devil may wall you 'round
with his grey stones, row on row,
but the green of the hedge is fresh and fair,
and within its circle is space to spare,
and room for your soul to grow;
the wall that shuts you in
may be hard and high and stout,
but the Lord is sun and the Lord is dew,
and His hedge is coolness and shade for you,
and no wall can shut Him out.

-Annie Johnson Flint

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a bird sang

a bird sang in my garden today

his cheery whistle called me outside

so I sang back to him

a reply came

instant and beautiful

we talked back and forth for awhile

the bird and i

then he flew away to other trees

and I went back to my work

but it was a lovely conversation

and his sweet song echoed in my mind

all day long