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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

on character

when i was young, my mother told me that God watched over me. She assured me that He saw everything I did, heard each word i said, and knew each thought  that was in my mind.

it's true, of course.

He does.

He did then, and He does now.

my mother instilled in me the reality that my life is an open book before the Holy One who created me, and i believe it to be so.

hence, i learned that even when i was alone, He was there. (Psalm 139:3)

now, when you're a kid, this is both good and bad. i didn't want to be alone, but sometimes i wanted to be alone.

you know?

but her teachings held.

and i passed them on to my children.

there is no night with God. He can see in the dark. (Psalm 139:12) nothing can hide us from His love, from His watching.

and i realize now that my character developed because of that teaching.

character is the way you act when no one is there- when no one is watching you.

an activated conscience is not guilt- it's awareness.

it's understanding that even in the darkest, alonest, wickedest of times, He's there.

and it's knowing that when we close the doors of our rooms or our hearts and try to pretend no one sees and no one hears, He's still there.



praying over us that His character will be formed in us, that we will become like Him.

"God is watching."

that's what mama said.