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Sunday, September 21, 2014

emma as a baby...

A Baby’s Prayer

Dear Lord, I am so little, still,
I’m not sure why I’m here.
I know I am a child of yours;
That much is all that’s clear.

I do not have the words, as yet,
To tell these ones nearby
That I’m homesick
for Your presence, Lord,
And so, sometimes, I cry

For I’m so lately come from You
To tarry here awhile
That heaven’s light
still clings around
The corners of my smile.

Give them eyes to see it, Lord;
Bless them as they do
And help them raise me knowing
I’m a precious trust from You.
-Judith Dekker

Thursday, September 4, 2014


45 years ago today,
two frightened children
and vowed
and trembled
wondering if we would have maybe
25 years together
because the future was uncertain

but we walked through that door
in an autumn sun
and began
just began

we grew up together
we shaped each other
we chipped
and pushed
and hammered
and threatened

and slowly over time
we somehow
became each other

and it came to be that there was
more laughter
than tears
more fun
than frustration
more sweetness
than anger

the future has lingered
it's the sapphire year now-
creeping up to the gold
to match the silver in our hair

gray day

it's been a gray day today
a heavy, hoarish day
a day when the clouds came down and clung to the long grass
like ghosts of yesterdays
smelling like jungle rot
and trapping my feet in red adobe clay
there was no sun
that i could see
and rain came and went
like a weeping woman
it was a gray day