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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


dennis and i wrote this blog for the new year. blessings to all!


New Year’s celebrations are about optimism and hope, desire and dreams.

·      This year will be better.
·      This year will be different. 
·      This year will be successful.
·      This will be my best year! 
·      Something will change.
·      I will change.

 Isn’t that the way almost every year begins?

And yet…it most often turns out just like last year. The new years’ optimism gives way to 
the new years disappointment. It’s almost like climbing a hill. “I didn't make it all the 
way up this year, so in January let’s try again.”

Here are the most poplar New Year’s resolutions on the generic list;

·      lose weight
·      quit smoking
·      get a better education
·      get a better job
·      make/save more money
·      get fit
·      eat healthy food
·      manage stress
·      manage debt
·      take a trip
·      reduce, reuse and recycle
·      drink less alcohol

Add a few spiritual ones for us Jesus-followers, like:

read my Bible every day
go to church more often
get involved in ministry
pray more
start tithing

…and you can probably add several more to your personal list that you hope for and 
intend to do.

Folks, it likely won’t happen…at least not through some new year’s resolution or 
hopeful goal decided emotionally or out of desperation.

So what should you do in 2015?

Before you can do anything about the future you have to think through why you 
want to do that or why that change is necessary.

·      Goals based upon guilt are always weak.

·      Goals built on desperation lack the logical plans necessary for change.

·      Goals based upon pure optimism usually don't have enough commitment 
for us to follow through on.

It is virtually impossible to consistently do anything that is inconsistent with your character
You actually don’t have a problem; YOU are the problem. 
You cannot separate where you are in life from what you are in life.

This is a sobering thought. Something has to change about me to change 
what I will be and what I will do do next year.

If you really want a year that is better and different from last year, 
give some thought to the following:


What was wrong with 2014 that needs to change in 2015?
Most important, Why do I want this to change?

Normally we make a goal for change because we are dissatisfied with the present. 
Why are you dissatisfied with today or 2014? Why exactly are you wanting to change? 
The problem is….. I need to…… because ….. I want to….Why? 
What is in my heart that has brought me to this place where I need to change?


I too have made lists. Truthfully, the longer the list the more certain you’ll fail. 
Just pick something you are passionate about- just one thing. 
One goal, one passion, one need and give that some thought, planning and prayer. 
One of the simplest definitions of success I’ve ever heard is, “Find a need and fill it.” 
– even just one. Modern media has increased our distractions. To some extent 
we are restless when not multitasking. However accomplishment actually decreases 
when we run in 
multiple directions. You’ve got to start with one thing.


Make some reasonable steps to get there. Let’s be realistic here. Resolutions, 
goals, and  objectives are all about change. Change is so very difficult because 
inertia is against us. If change was easy we’d all be changing for the good every day. 
I suggest you confide in a strong friend/spouse/co worker and form a partnership. 
Get an accountability partner. Share with them your resolution/goal/dream and 
ask them to ask you regularly if you are doing as you said you would.


If your goal is to “get a better education”, make some steps to get there now and put those 
steps in your calendar. Make phone calls. Fill out applications. Buy some books. 
Take action.

If it’s “to eat healthier”, get up off your chair, go to your kitchen right now and throw 
all the junk out. I’M NOT KIDDING. Never buy that junk again.

If it’s “read my Bible through”, schedule it, starting today, and stay with the same time 
every day.

Do something about ONE thing. This calendar idea may be the big secret to help you. 
A small daily change can produce big results over the long term.  As they say, “baby steps…
baby steps…”

Actually if your ONE THING doesn’t somehow get into your daily routine, 
nothing will change. You’ll be overwhelmed by the habits of the past.

 Do you feel lie you’ve got too many things that need to change this year? Don’t we all!  
Just one thing at a time! The Apostle Paul said, “This one thing I do...” King David said, 
One thing have I desired of the Lord…” They got it. The one thing!


Engage your brain. Your feelings will come and go. Rationally, do you want to do this 
ONE THING? Needing to do this does not mean as much as wanting to do this. 
There is only one way in the world to get anyone to consistently do anything- they 
have to want to do it.

So what should you do in 2015?

Just ONE thing well.

ONE thing passionately.  

ONE thing consistently.  

ONE thing differently.

For ONE year.

One success is much better than a hundred noble objectives that you have 
neither the ability, time nor discipline to accomplish.


Happy New Year!