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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The Stars, From the Other Side

A prairie boy you were
So young and strong
You flew among the stars
When world went wrong

They sang to you a song
High in the air
While Bombs fell on the city
Where you were

But they became your friends
Those stars of yours
The pole star held true north
In time of war

And when your friends fell down
In darkening night
Your broken heart could not
See morning light

So you came home to prairie
Young and strong
With broken wings and faith
Still in a song

And when we children came
You sat us down
And told us of the war
And of starsong

I wonder how you see
The stars from there
Your faithful friends of old
High in the air

Perhaps the glimmer now
That’s in your eye
Is beauty of a star
From other side