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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

small places

recently an event happened that was titled "bigger and better". my friends attended this event; i did not, for physical reasons.

according to their reports, the event was so loud, so lit up, so "over the top", that some of them, including my husband, were physically affected in a negative way. (temporary hearing loss, migraine with vomiting, headaches, fatigue, eye strain.)

although it was designed as a worship event, no doubt with the best of intentions to give honour and glory to our awesome God, i couldn't help but be left with a nagging thought...

was God's voice heard there?

perhaps it was, because it was truly done for His glory.

but in some corner of my heart, i wonder...i wonder...

why is "bigger" perceived to be "better"? why must we be deafened, literally, with loud music? why must all our senses be assaulted with lights and noise and action in order to praise HIM?

in my quiet little corner of the world, in stillness and in aloneness, i lift up my heart to HIM, and i praise HIM softly. 

i thank HIM for the small places.

i thank HIM for the stillness.

i thank HIM for the leaves rustling, the shadows that hide the light, the tiny sounds of the jungle birds outside my door...

and compared to the strobe lights and pounding music and hundreds of dancers/singers, i choose this.

for me, smaller is better.

how can we hear HIS voice over the noise? yes, there should be jubilation, there should be wild ecstatic praise.

but HIS voice is small, and still.

and we must be quiet if we want to hear HIM. 

noise is a temporary place to stay. 

wild praise subsides to that hushed awareness of HIS hovering presence.

the small quiet corners of our lives are where we meet HIM.