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Saturday, October 10, 2015

abide with me

"abide with us, for the evening is near, and the day is almost gone..." (luke 24:28)

remembering with tears, a movie scene in which the voices of thousands of dying soldiers  sang this old hymn.... Abide with Me

wondering if my grandfather sang it in his desperate hour in WWI, at the front of the battlefield as he was choking on mustard gas and the guns shattered the gentle French fields around him...

hearing the voice of my sweet mother in so many dark and lonely hours, " of the helpless, Lord, abide with me..."

and seeing in my mind the weary two who walked the Emmaus road,  hearts heavy with sorrow,and eyes so darkened with discouragement that they did not recognize their traveling companion.

but with typical Eastern hospitality, they invited him in to eat with them and stay the night, after the long dusty journey. "abide with us," they told him.

and he came in, and sat with them, and broke bread with them.

and then,

in that moment of simple human fellowship and generosity, their eyes were opened, and they recognized him as the risen Lord.

an invitation is all he asks of me.

of us.

in my brokenness, in the darkness, in the moment when the end seems near and there is no one to help, and all is pain and fear and hopelessness...

an invitation is all he wants.

come in, Lord Jesus, into my home, into my heart...

abide with me.